Episode 53: Make a Choice, Are You a Professional or Are You Just Skimming Leaves with Javier Payan of Payan Pool Service

Episode 53 Pool Chasers Payan Pool Service

In this episode, we interview industry leader Javier Payan of Payan Pool Service. Javier is also the chapter President of the PHTA San Diego Chapter, which has been building a ton of buzz around the industry. He is very proud of the work he did for IPPSA as their safety and public relations person, which involved helping promote their water safety videos.

One common thing that came up several times throughout the episode was that we all have a choice on what kind of service provider we want to be. Do you want to be a pool professional or do you want to be known as someone who just skims leaves? You have the power to determine how you run your business and how the consumer looks at that business. Javier believes that if you want to call yourself a professional then you should take all the proper steps to become a professional.  

You Can Find Javier and Payan Pool Service Below

Website: http://bit.ly/PayanPoolsPWU

Facebook: http://bit.ly/PayanFBPWU

Twitter: http://bit.ly/PayanTwitterPWU

YouTube: http://bit.ly/PayanYouTube

You can find info on the PHTA below:

Website: http://bit.ly/APSPPWU

SD Chapter: http://bit.ly/SDChapterPWU

Recourses Mentioned

Different: http://bit.ly/DifferentPWU

Outliers: http://bit.ly/OutliersPWU

Joe Rogan: http://bit.ly/JoeRoganPWU

Nick Dipaolo: http://bit.ly/NickDPWU

Tom Rhodes: http://bit.ly/TomRPWU

Bill Burr: http://bit.ly/BillBPWU


01:10 - Who is Javier Payan 

07:18 - Wayne Gretzky Analogy 

08:18 - How Javier Got Into the Pool Industry 

11:00 - Bought Pools on a Handshake 

13:20 - First Hire 

15:00 - Becoming a Real Professional After 9 Years 

21:00 - How Would You Start a Business From Scratch Today? 

25:50 - Stop Making the Same Mistakes 

32:43 - Petes Plug 

37:50 - Networking at Training Classes 

42:20 - No More Excuses 

45:15 - Payan Pool Service Team 

53:50 - Greg Garrett Story & Figuring out Sphaerocobaltite on High-End Pool 

59:03 - 3 Different Service Plans 

01:04:30 - Being Proactive with Customers and Recommending Upgrades 

01:13:20 - Using Website Chat Function 

01:21:00 - Struggles For Pool Service in California 

01:23:20 - Pool Safety & Ipssa

01:35:51 - Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Chapter in San Diego 

01:39:22 - Deputy District Attorney & Work Comp Fraud 

01:42:00 - Wave Young Professionals Network 

01:43:51 - How to Sign up P.H.T.A Chapter San Diego

01:44: 47 - Why Should Somebody Join a Group

01:54:35 - Books Podcasts Recommended  

01:59:00 - Where to Find Payan Pool Service

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