Pool Chasers is a Podcast.

It came about because we saw a lack of support options available to the pool and spa industry. Where can you go to seek knowledge on how to run a pool business in this  technological day and age? Where can you go for help on how to market and grow that business? Why can’t you find advice on how to deal with angry customers? These are all good questions that we were unable to find answers to ourselves. 

We figured, as professionals in the pool industry with an opinion on the matter, we should try and share any knowledge we have absorbed over the years. We still learn things everyday, but have had enough success in the industry to share what we know. 

Whether you own a business or whether you service, repair, build, design, or market pools, we want to build a podcast tailored to fit our needs. We will be interviewing business owners, pool service & repair companies, builders, manufactures, marketing and social media experts, as well as many others that can help progress, inspire and entertain us all. 

It will be a pool and spa industry podcast by 2 guys who are actually in the pool and spa industry!

Our goal is to teach through stories and experiences. It is a simple idea that can create a movement of people ready to look at an amazing industry from a different perspective. Join us in doing something different, something simple yet complex, something as obvious as sharing knowledge.

See you out there Pool Chasers!

Use #poolchasers to join the community.