Episode 62: Overcoming the Millennial Stereotype to Run a Successful Pool Service Company with Kayne Zamorano of Premier Pool Care

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In this episode, we sit down with our friend and owner of Premier Pool Care Kayne Zamorano. At the age of 22, Kayne has built not only a successful service company, but has built a lifestyle brand that is recognized by consumers and industry professionals alike. We met Kayne when he was first starting out and recognized something in him right away that we saw in ourselves. He was hungry for information and always trying to make himself better. It hasn’t always been easy with him being so young, but he has persevered through the challenges and earned the trust of many pool builders in the Phoenix area. We love that he has taken the initiative to educate himself on larger luxury pools and has now set himself and the company up to be successful for many years to come. We are very proud of what he has accomplished and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did. See you out there Pool Chasers!


03:50 - Kayne Introduction and what he does for fun 

07:20 - Growing up in phoenix aZ

11:50 - swimming competitively as a kid  

14:32 - getting started in the pool industry  

16:12 - starting premier pool care 

16:32 - How and when we met kayne

20:38 - supportive family is the backbone  

24:00 - Trying to make everything a business 

24:23 - The reality of owning your own business and understanding why his previous employer did what they did.  

31:20 - One man show or a single pole pusher 

32:50 - If your starting a pool service business, slow down to educate yourself building relationships. It’s a lot more complicated than you think

40:00 - Struggles in the beginning 

1:01:40 - Being more professional with other professionals

1:15:00 - having the truck wrapped helps with marketing  

1:19:00 - being aggressive with the premiere pool care brand and networking  

1:22:48 - specializing in luxury pools, automation, and chemical feeders  

1:25:40 - challenges taking on luxury pools with more advanced equipment  

1:32:40 - what to do when you don’t understand something

1:37:30 - how Kayne got started in taking on luxury pools

1:42:30 - special needs clients with special pools  

1:44:20 - How does the chemical feeder system affect the service price

1:47:10 - Managing expectations of customers in Scottsdale, az 

1:49:05 - Suggestions for taking on luxury pools or advanced systems

1:53:20 - Book and podcasts recommendations 

1:54:00 - Where to find Premier Pool Care 

You can find Kayne and Premier Pool Care below:

Website: http://bit.ly/PremierWebsitePWU

Instagram: http://bit.ly/PremierIGPWU

Facebook: http://bit.ly/PremierFBPWU

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Can't Hurt Me: http://bit.ly/CantHurtMePWU

Ed Mylett: http://bit.ly/EdMylettPWU

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