Episode 32: Jimi Smith The Photographer & His Nomad Journey


In this episode we interview our favorite photographer Jimi Smith. Jimi has an amazing and unique story that he shares with us. From growing up in Georgia, to living on the island of St. Thomas, and many adventures such as working as a diver to even treasure hunting. His nomad lifestyle can be summed up by his Instagram bio which states God, Family, Photography, and Pools. He has shot photos for many of the top builders in the world and his photos have been featured in many articles and magazines. His photos have even been showcased on the cover of Luxury Pools magazine multiple times. It was an honor for us to have him in the studio.

Jimi shares with us some of the equipment he brings with him on the job and discusses some of what he does at his photo shoots. We also touch base on a few tips and tricks for taking better photos. We even get to hear about his famous dog Tilt who travels the world along side him and who is Jimi’s best friend. We hope you enjoy his story and learn a little along the way.

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5:54 Let's Start with College

14:10 Into The Pool Industry

20:10 Popping Bottles

34:20 Tilt the Dog

42:55 First Pools

49:40 Tools in the Bag

1:08:00 What Kind of Photographer Do I Need

1:19:00 Picture Tips

1:34:25 Staying Motivated

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