Episode 33: Pool Podcast Coach, Business Relationships & Fire Thrower Brett Gereau of Advanced Pool Specialists

Pool Chasers Episode 33 Brett Gereau Advanced Pool Specialists

In this episode we interview our friend and one of our mentors Brett Gereau of Advanced Pool Specialists. Advanced Pool Specialists is what Brett does now, but he has had quite the journey through the pool industry. He has been in the industry his entire adult life and is very passionate about it. One of the things Brett said that we admired is that he wants to leave the industry better then he found it. What a great way to look at the industry and life in general. We left the interview inspired as we normally do after speaking with Brett and we think you guys will as well.

Brett had his own service business in California for several years. You have probably heard us speak about him multiple times on the podcast because he actually started a podcast of his own called Pool Business Academy several years ago. Unfortunately his podcast ended after 11 episodes, but it left us so pumped and we have looked up to him ever since. He also worked for Alan Smith Pools as a salesman and then worked heavily on their reverse osmosis division. All of that has led him to what he is doing today which is pool surfaces. He is applying the ecoFINISH product aquaBRIGHT. It involves a flame thrower which is pretty awesome! We discuss all of this and more on the episode. There are a lot of great nuggets to take away from this episodes so listen closely, we hope you enjoy it.

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10:18 Joining the Industry

19:15 The Importance of Learning the Basics

26:12 Important Relationships

32:38 Service Company

40:10 Promote the Memories

44:10 Starting a Podcast

54:40 Five Things You Wish You Knew

1:09:17 Working for Allen Smith

1:18:30 Lets Use the Ocean

1:23:30 Aqua Brite

1:44:20 Teaching Classes

2:02:03 Motivation

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