Episode 31: Jandy Quitting the Internet with Brad Parker

episode 31 jandy quitting the internet brad parker
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In this episode we interview Brad Parker who is the Director of Digital and Brand Marketing for Zodiac. He came in to talk to us all about Jandy Quitting the Internet! This is a hot topic of discussion throughout the industry, as the policy took effect January 1st! Brad breaks down what the policy means exactly and what Jandy is doing to monitor the process. He discusses how the policy differs from other manufacturers’ policies and how Jandy is doubling down on Trade Professionals.

We at Pool Chasers think this is a big deal! Regardless of what company you prefer to work with you have to admit that Jandy making the first move to better the industry is impressive! Brad told us how Jandy wants to be known as the company that supports the Trade Professionals. Well Brad, we think this is a huge step in that direction!

You can find out more about the policy at:


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11:10 Chicken Coop

20:00 The Decision to Quit the Internet

31:10 Talk is Cheap

40:50 Sell your Brand

51:05 Items Purchased on line Have no Warranty

1:03:15 What are the Consequences

1:12 Long Term Commitment 


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