Episode 11: Jobber with Sam Pillar

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In this episode with interview Jobber’s CEO Sam Pillar. This episode is jammed full of content about business. Sam discusses how he and his partner Forrest met in a coffee shop and turned a small idea they had into the juggernaut Jobber is today. Sam discusses his journey through college and his path to figuring out that he wanted to do something he loved and was passionate about.

Sam has a huge passion for small businesses and you can really feel that in the way he talks about them throughout the episode. He also discusses Jobber’s work environment and culture and how everyone that works there is aligned with the vision. Everyone at Jobber has a passion for helping small business owners. We have always felt that their customer service is spot on!

We discuss the Jobber software a bit and some of the features we love. We get into business partnerships and some of the benefits to having a partner. Sam also gives some great insight to entrepreneurship and to most importantly focus on the customer.

This episode will help any leader sharper their tools. We hope you all enjoy.

You can find Jobber at: https://www.getjobber.com/poolchasers

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This episode is brought to you by Jobber. Jobber is an amazing field service software. We don’t even know how we did things before having jobber! This tool really keeps us organized and on track every day. Some of our favorite parts about Jobber is the ability to send quotes, schedule service and repair bids and build a profile for each customer.

Try it out by going to getjobber.com/poolchasers

See you out there Pool Chasers!

Show Notes: 

4:05 Sams Swimming Pool Stories 

7:40 Sams Background

16:00 Started Re-Tooling Software Developing

18:25 All Sams Freelancing Led to His Small Business Appreciation

21:33 Pen and Paper Discussion

27:15 Jobber as CRM

34:00 Time is Our Most Valuable Asset  

37:45 Sams Take on Business Partners

51:15 How a Growing Company Comes With New Challenges

1:05:35 Jobber’s Culture and Work Environment 

1:10:11 What Motivates The Jobber Team

1:14:25 Customer Feedback

1:17:00 Customer Empathy

1:26:44 We Will Fire a Customer 

1:29:44 Key Hires

1:35:30 Sams Hobbies

1:38:35 Advice For Entrepreneurs 

1:40:40 Jobber Plug

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