Episode 10: Artisan Elements with Trevor Tipton


In this episode we interview Trevor Tipton who is the owner of Artisan Elements in Scottsdale Arizona. 

We had a great time with Trevor. He is a custom pool builder who does it right. He lives by his core values and principles to teach and educate customers on what they are buying. He understands that the product he provides is a lot of money and focuses on giving the clients the ultimate backyard experience. 

He has a great sales background and their is a ton of information on sales in this episode. He teaches us how to educate instead of taking a used car salesman approach. We think you will get a lot out of this segment as we did ourselves. 

We discuss many other topics such as organization, social media, analytics, Pentair, Jandy, virtual reality, and his recommended books and podcasts. 

This episode is jam packed with valuable content, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

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Book Recommendation:

Never Split The Difference: 


7 Habits of Highly Effective People:


Think and Grow Rich:


Raving Fans:


Good to Great:



The GaryVee Audio Experience:


Joe Rogan Podcast:


The Bill Simmons Podcast - The Ringer:


No Jumper:


The Minimalists Podcast:





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Show Notes:

See you out there Pool Chasers!

5:30 Trevor’s Back Story

14:40 Trevor’s Adolescence Hustle 

18:40 Trevor’s Internship in Japan

25:20 College and First Job 

28:00 Personal Mission Statement 

32:50 Listening is Crucial 

36:18 Sales Tips and Tricks

38:20 The Phone Changed The Game

45:17 Be Professional

49:00 Closing The Deal

51:00 Ask The Customer For Time In Backyard

55:15 Dave Brandenburg 

59:40 Artisan Was Born

1:06:00 Never Take Anyone For Granted

1:07:30 How Did You Learn?

1:10:00 Bobe’

1:20:00 Need To Share Information 

1:28:15 What Makes Artisan Different? 

1:33:50 You are Only as Good as Your Weakest Link

1:35:18 How Do You Stay Organized?

1:39:00 How To Utilize Windshield Time

1:43:50 Virtual Reality

1:55:30 Facebook Ads and Social Media

2:03:00 Mobile Platform Importance 

2:05:30 Direct Message Story

2:20:25 Trevor’s Favorite Projects

2:25:10 Trevor’s Biggest Failure

2:28:25 Trevor’s Move To Jandy 

2:32:00 Artisan Elements Showroom

2:38:04 What Trevor Does To Stay Sane

2:40:38 Podcasts and Books 

2:46:07 Artisan Plug

Pool Chasers