Episode 12: Swimming Pool Hydraulics & Business Operations with JMax & Premier Paradise


In this episode we interview Justin Bowie from JMax Plumbing and Jeromey Naugle from Premier Paradise.

It is an episode jammed packed full of knowledge as Justin discusses plumbing hydraulics, total dynamic head, and many other plumbing insights. 

We also have quite a long discussion on how we can bridge the gap between pool builders and service companies. This is an area that is definitely lacking in our industry, so it was great that we were all on the same page in trying to make it better. 

Jeromey also discusses Tributary and why he and his partner started it. He discusses what they are trying to accomplish in the industry. 

All in all it is an episode that everyone in the industry can learn from. So we hope you all enjoy as much as we did. 

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See you out there Pool Chasers!

Show Notes

2:55 JMax story

14:50 Still out in the field?

20:10 Leak discussion

21:40 How do you gauge what your installing 

26:15 Do you use any software?

28:10 Difficult projects? 

33:30 Any issues finding someone to service the pool?

41:50 Basic Tips for plumbing

46:50 What types of issues will you have if hydraulics are wrong?

51:40 Any standards like OSHA looking at the plumbing? 

54:20 Do you deal with online competition?

56:10 Anything that can be done better on the building side process? 

1:05:40 How do we bridge that gap?

1:21:10 Are other trades more regulated? 

1:23:20 Commercial vs Residential

1:31:15 Remodel Plumbing 

1:34:30 Tributary 

1:44:00 Educating the customers

1:48:25 Pool Service Academy Discussion 

1:58:45 Total Dynamic Head

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