Episode 13: Pool Pro Magazine with Megan Kendrick


In this episode we interview Megan Kendrick who is the owner of Pool Pro Magazine. It was such an honor for us as Pool Pro is our favorite magazine in the industry. Reason being is, it is tailored more to us as pool pro’s. We pick up a copy of every new issue as soon as they hit the shelves!

We discuss how Megan grew up around the oil industry and how there are a lot of similarities to the pool industry. Megan discusses how she went from being an athlete to making the  transition into being a journalist. We also discuss some of the struggles of making the transition from employee to owner.

One of the major things Megan talks about is feedback from the readers. We understand how important that is, so if you guys get a chance please let them know how they are doing.

Pick up a copy in your local SCP or Superior today!

You can find Pool Pro Magazine at: http://poolpromag.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poolpromag/



Recommended Books: Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress Free Productivity


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See you out there Pool Chasers!

Show Notes

4:30 Megan Recommends book

6:06 Megan talks about purchasing Pool Pro

6:40 From employee to owner

12:05 Oil industry is similar to the pool industry 

14:00 Megan’s dad was an entrepreneur as well

20:00 Importance of community 

30:40 Early years of Megan

48:00 Megan’s Parents Story

1:00:00 Struggle to transition from athlete to another community 

1:06:00 Wanted to do magazines 

1:24:30 Difficult to get a job after college 

1:35:15 Job at pool pro

1:38:05 What magazines Megan Owns. 

1:39:00 What made you buy the magazines? 

1:47:15 When we first met Megan

1:49:00 Spa retailer Podcast Plug

1:49:40 Pool Pro wants your feedback

1:55:00 Only way to change things is to speak up. 

2:06:00 How difficult the podcast process can be sometimes. 

2:10:45 Megan touches on being a woman in the industry 

2:13:23 Megan’s day to day

2:17:13 Megan’s take on Print

2:26:00 social media discussion

2:36:35 Megan’s husband discussion 

2:45:20 How to find the magazine

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