Episode 4: SCP with Mark Hernandez


We had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Hernandez from SCP. Mark has been a great asset for us at Brothers Pool Service. 

Greg went into SCP one day and asked if there was anyone they knew of in the field that could help us expand our business. They said they may know someone and then gave Mark our number.

We all talked and it turned into a great friendship for us. Mark helped us expand our business by showing us how to pull lights and even helped us install our first automation panel. He has been a huge help in making us what we are today. 

Mark is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry. He knows so much, but if he doesn’t know the answer he knows someone that does. He is always willing to help wherever he can. 

We talk about a lot of cool things in this episode such as Skateboarding pools, SCP history, the future of the industry, and some great advice on how to sell yourself and your business to your customer. 

There is a ton of great advice for you guys, so we hope you all enjoy. 

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See you out there Pool Chasers!


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4:19 How we met Mark

12:30 Never stop learning

18:50 Skating backyard pools

25:55 How Mark got into the industry

39:00 Recommendation for learning new repairs

54:02 Marks mentor, How to act in business. 

57:24 SCP history

59:27 Amazon and online sells

103:10 Discussion on warranty and trade grade products. 

1:08:20 Automation and the future

1:12:10 Advice for new companies

1:23:05 Crazy customer stories

1:26:38 Crazy Green Pools

1:30:10 Why chose SCP

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