Episode 5: X-Pools with Michael Dennis


We were so excited to finally get to interview our mentor and friend Michael Dennis of X-Pools. 

There is a ton of great advice in this episode. Michael has 20+ years in the industry and if we could have made this episode 3 hours, we would have! He is a true pioneer for our industry here in Arizona and we love that we get to share his story.

We talk about X-Pools and their company culture. Which has always been Michael’s number one priority. He wanted and has a great team behind him. He has created a culture where people love to come to work and in this industry, especially in the heat of AZ is very impressive. We have adopted several of his methods ourselves. 

We talk about having strong structures in place, business coaches, and important people to have close by you to solidify your company. 

Michael also loves to test products on his personal pool and uses it as a training ground for his employees. 

He focused on automation from the very beginning and is always our go to guy when we have a question. He has been in the warranty game since the beginning, so we talk about the ups and downs of being a warranty station. 

Michael has been a strong supporter of breast cancer awareness for a long time. We discuss his 3 major events he puts on each year. You can help support his cause by going to badgirlsdogoodthings.org 

You can find the 3 books Michael recommended below:

“Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard: https://amzn.to/2GINW0o

 “One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard: https://amzn.to/2GJUUWT

“The Great Game of Business” by Jack Stack: https://amzn.to/2qh1vxU

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See you out there Pool Chasers!


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8:51 Is the Pool Industry Recession Proof?

15:00 Are You a True Entrepreneur? 

16:52 What Michael Would Have Done Differently

20:35 X-Pools First Office Space

26:09 Hiring Tactics 

33:49 Company Culture

38:23 Relationship With Each Employee

43:48 Why Do You Choose To Mentor?

50:20 Business Coach Discussion

56:10 Who Should We Surround Ourselves With? 

1:04:44 Books Michael Recommends

1:11:55 Michael Personal Pool Tactics 

1:13:53 Advanced Oxidization Process 

1:20:23 Giants Spring Training Facility Project. 

1:22:49 Why High End Pools and Automation?

1:27:02 Warranty Station Discussion 

1:32:45 Michael’s Charity Events

1:36:26 Social Media Discussion

1:40:32 Take Care of Current Customers First

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