Episode 3: Yelp With Sophie Lapkin



We had the pleasure of interviewing Sophie Lapkin from Yelp, Sophie is a Local business partner here in the Phoenix Metro area. 

We get asked quite a bit about how we grew our business so quickly and a big part of that was our online presence and Yelp specifically was definitely one of the platforms we focused on. We also get a lot of push back from business owners when we discuss Yelp, so we wanted to have Sophie on to discuss some of the things that we all as business owners go through when we use or don’t use Yelp. It kind of feels like people either love Yelp or hate Yelp, whatever your opinion on it is, we hope you listen to this podcast and get a few things out of it. 

We discuss why claiming your business page is important. Did you know someone can create a yelp profile for you? Well they can! So Even if you don’t use Yelp much, this is vital because it allows you to control how the page looks and functions. 

We then discuss how to get organic reviews and how leaving a trail of breadcrumbs can help do that. Using things like yelp icons in your email signature and people love us on yelp stickers can help remind your customers to leave you a review. 

We also discuss why it is important to engage with the reviews you receive and good practices when you respond. People take time out of their day to leave reviews, it is important to show them you care. 

After that we get into the dreaded recommended and non recommended reviews which I know is a big one for everyone. Hopefully Sophie can help you understand a little more about why reviews go where they go. 

Finally we get into how to share reviews on social platforms, why response time is important, and Yelp advertising. All of which are an important part in building our businesses. 

Sophie also points out her 3 big needle movers when it comes to your Yelp profile.

You can go to biz.yelp.com to claim your business. You can also download the Yelp business app by searching biz.yelp in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. 

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We hope you all enjoy! See you out there Pool Chasers!


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8:46 - Yelp History

11:16 - Yelp statistics 

17:00 - Google search leads to Yelp listing 

18:59 - Why are reviews important 

21:48 - Claiming your page

31:06  -How to get organic reviews 

33:30 - Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs 

34:40 - Strategies for feedback

38:58 - Engaging with reviews

46:45 - Every business is going through the same stuff

48:15 - Discuss Brothers Pool Service negative review

55:18 - Sophie’s suggestions on responding to negative reviews

58:17 - Sophie’s suggestions on false reviews

1:00:10 - Recommendation Software

1:03:08 - Sophie’s recommendation if you have not been active on Yelp in a while

1:06:06 - Recommend and non recommend reviews

1:09:47 - Sharing reviews on social platforms

1:13:39 - Response time

1:22:23 - Action Items for profile to look the best it can on Yelp

1:29:14 3 - Needle movers for Yelp profile

1:29:53 - Yelp advertising


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