Episode 51: Liquid Evolution Pools: Providing Quality Craftsmanship and Embracing Collaboration over Competition with John and Gordon

51 pool chasers and liquid evolution


In this episode we interview our good friends John Smieszek and Gordon Berry of Liquid Evolution Pools. We first met them at a Tributary event where we got to check out a few of their pools. One of those pools we have seen go through several stages of the build process which you have probably seen on our Instagram page. This has sparked a true friendship and we are honored that they trust us enough to invite us to their job sites.

Liquid Evolution builds some incredible projects, but one of our favorite things about them is their professionalism on the job site. They go above and beyond to make sure all of the trades that are working on their projects feel comfortable and taken care of. They want to work with the best in the industry and know that to do that their needs to be a certain level of respect between everyone. They have truly embraced collaboration over competition by inviting their contemporaries to partner up with them on certain projects to make them the best they can be. We had a blast with them recording this one and we hope you all enjoy the episode.

Liquid Evolution Pools

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1:20 Getting to know John

7:34 Getting to know Gordon

10:49 Transitioning to the pool Industry

13:06 Teaming up Together

20:50 The Beginning of Liquid Evolution

26:25 Liquid Evolution Almost Became a Surf Park

29:41 Collaboration over Competition

40:22 Meeting John and Gordon for the first time

49:09 Bringing Collaboration to light

56:09 Being professional is Important

59:02 If you don't know you have to ask to Learn

1:04:52 Phases of the pool Build

1:15:45 Sometimes you Gotta Clean the pool

1:23:28 Biggest Struggles as a Company


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