Episode 66: Improve Your Business & Meet New Customer Expectations By Using a Detailed Pool/Spa Assessment Checklist with Michael & Jason

We were excited to have our mentor Michael Dennis back in the studio to share some of his knowledge. Since we have known him, Michael has been excellent at the pool bidding process. He shared his process with us years ago and it helped us tremendously to develop our own process and checklist, so we thought it would be great to share with everyone. We also invited industry up and comer Jason Becker to join us and offer a different perspective to the conversation. We have been really impressed with Jason’s drive to be excellent and provide a truly professional service to his clients. Having both of them in the studio with us created an awesome collaboration which we are excited to share with you all. 

We wanted to be a little more topical with this episode, so we discuss the pool service bid process thoroughly. We talk about the importance of having a system in place so that you can gain the type of customers you want and set that relationship up to succeed from the very beginning. This is the episode we wish we had access to when we started Brothers Pool Service, so you will want to take notes if possible as well as download the checklist to get the most out of the episode. 

Resources & People Mentioned


  • Jason Becker Introduction [02:40]

  • Jason Becker going from stable job earned from Electronic Degree [03:35]

  • Jason Becker helps friend by taking over pool service route for 2 months. [04:50]  

  • I wanted to be professional so I looked for ways to help me. [09:00]

  • Tyler meets Jason at IPSSA [15:40]

  • Jason Becker shares his pool service assessment process. [17:55] 

  • Michael Dennis with X-Pools shares his experience with checklist [26:15]

  • What does X-Pools do and what does the conversation look like from the initial phone call? [29:25]   

  • Starting the assessment with self latching gate and locks. [39:10]

  • Michael preferrers a paper copy of the assessment.  [42:30] 

  • Discussing with the client that the assessment can take 45 minutes to an hour 1 hour. [46:25]

  • Putting together proposal for client. [46:25] 

  • Dedicated team for filter clean and service startup. [49:39] 

  • Referral relationship opportunities. [55:00] 

  • Annual budget [60:15]

  • Who’s archiving photos and explaining each photo [69:40]


Download free pool/spa assessment checklist!

We worked hard to put together a detailed checklist for your next pool/spa service assessment. These are great reminders if you find yourself in the backyard not knowing what to do.


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