Episode 58: Exploring an Alternative Method to Help you Clean a Pool with Paul Sim of Solar Breeze

episode 58 paul sim solar breeze

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Paul Sim who is the President of Solar Pool Technologies. We asked Paul to be on the show because they make a solar-powered skimmer called Solar Breeze which we used when we were running our routes at Brothers. The Solar Breeze NX2 works similar to a “roomba” but for the pool. We found them to be very useful in pools surrounded by a lot of debris or in pools that had an infloor system. They can be used with any pool though and we used it in so many ways. We also found that having one in the water allowed us to focus more on the water chemistry and checking the equipment each visit and not spend so much time skimming. In most residential cases, you are only at that pool 1 or 2 times a week and having a Solar Breeze will help to keep that pool swim-ready for your clients during the time you are not there. It's a great option to help you keep your pools clean and your customers happy. 

Solar Breeze Information

Website: http://bit.ly/SolarBreezePWU

Instagram: http://bit.ly/SolarBreezeIGPWU

Facebook: http://bit.ly/SolarBreezeFBPWU

Phone Number: 623-582-2825

Email: customerservice@solar-breeze.com 


O:30 - Meet President of Solar Breeze, Paul Sim. 

03:27 - Growing up on a 3,000-acre farm in Saskatchewan Canada. 

07:30 - Move to Phoenix in 2003 selling firetrucks and more.  

09:40 - Transition into Solar Breeze 

10:25 - Beta testing in 2011 

11:40 - Harvesting in a seasonal market

12:30  A million dollars in sales in 2014 and almost 0 in 2015

13:20 Positive feedback inspires to create Kickstarter and not fold business in July of 2015. 

14:35 - Our first time seeing a Solar Breeze was at a customer's house. 

18:00 - Product testing

22:00 - New attachment to help with hitting vacuum hoses. 

23:40 - Not much excitement from pool professionals in the beginning.

32:30 - What technology is involved and hot it works. 

53:00 - How to explain the product to a customer. 

56:30 - Warranty information 

01:02:00 - Upcoming changes. 

01:03:30 - How to get in contact with Solar Breeze and dealer pricing information.  

01:05:45 - Favorite business book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

01:08:49 - End

Books Discussed

Good to Great: http://bit.ly/GoodToGreatPWU

Steve Jobs: http://bit.ly/SteveJobsPWU

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