Episode 47: How Making HR a Priority Can Create a Strong Company Culture with Ruben Galvan of Zodiac

Episode 47: How Making HR a Priority Can Create a Strong Company Culture with Ruben Galvan of Zodiac

In this episode we interview Ruben Galvan who is the Vice President of training and organizational development for Fluidra (Zodiac/Jandy). We discuss the importance of HR and why making it a priority will set your business up for success.

We know that many of the businesses owners in our industry wear multiple hats with one of them being HR. They tend to make other parts of the business such as the customer, generating revenue, and getting the services out their priority. Those are all very important, but imagine the impact it can have on your business if you can take the time to invest into your people by listening to them, showing them recognition and appreciation, and letting them know how important they are to the company. 

It is vital to understand that if you want to have the best customer experience it starts with the best employee experience. They are the front line and the ones that interact with the customers on a daily basis. What they experience when they come in each day will be reflected to the customer out in the field. If you can take parts of this episode and apply them to your business, we promise it will payoff in more ways then one.


2:45 Getting to Know Ruben

6:27 Mentors Growing Up

9:51 I Wish I had a Pool Growing up

12:58 How Ruben got into HR

17:02 What is HR Anyway?

19:43 Small Business Issues in HR

23:20 Where to go for HR Help

26:15 Learning and Doing HR Takes Time

29:03 The Challenges of Bringing Multiple Companies Under one Roof

35:45 What is Unique About Fluidra

44:53 How do you get the Best People for Your Business

47:10 Help to Shape the Personality of Greatness

53:22 Having a job VS. an Experience

55:16 The Best Customer Experience Comes from the Best Employee Experience

59:12 Making Company Culture a Priority Without Breaking the Bank

1:05:00 How to Implement Team Values

1:07:30 Books Recommended for Leadership and Company Culture

1:09:31 Why Host the ZPPN symposium

1:12:43 What People can Expect to see with the Fluidra Merger

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