Episode 46: Running a Legitimate Commercial Pool Business & "Why Yelp Isn't For Me" with Dustin Anderson of Precision Aquatics

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Episode 46 Description

In this episode we interview our good friend and the owner of Precision Aquatics, Dustin Anderson. His company focusses primarily on the commercial pool maintenance sector of the industry. Dustin has a real passion for the industry and wants it to be taken to another level. He is also adamant that people take the time to get the proper licensing, pay the proper taxes and workman’s comp, and give their employees what they deserve to provide for their families. 


We discuss some of the differences of commercial and residential pool maintenance. Dustin talks about some of the biggest advantages and struggles of running a legitimate business and what can be done to remedy those struggles. We also touch base on how important company reps are to your business and why it's crucial to be signed up for their incentive programs. 

We actually met Dustin at the Zodiac Symposium after a social media class we were attending. He approached us to discuss our opinion on Yelp and had some pretty strong opinions on it himself. We talked for about 45 minutes that day and that sparked our friendship. Greg and Dustin get into a lot of that same discussion in the episode, so whether you love or hate Yelp, you don’t want to miss this part of the episode.

Where to Find Dustin Anderson with Precision Aquatics

Website: http://bit.ly/30pF1Lp

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2HolyTW

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2W5xLoS


6:00 Childhood for Dustin

8:15 Getting into the Pool Industry

16:15 Getting out of Lesley’s

22:00 A Mentor for Dustin

24:00 Bonehead Mistakes

30:15 Family is Priority

34:00 Precision Aquatics focused on Commercial Pools

40:45 Typical day for a Commercial Pool Cleaner

50:00 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

54:50 Dealing with Commercial Accounts

105:50 Struggles in Commercial Pool Companies

120:20 We Meet Dustin at Zodiac Symposium

142:35 Being Professional on the Job

146:25 Manufacturer reps

156:18 Getting Involved in the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance

2:09:30 Why Dustin Supports Pool Chasers

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