Episode 39: Water Safety & Drowning Prevention with Alissa Magrum of Colin's Hope

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In this episode we interview Alissa Magrum of Colin's Hope. Colin's Hope is a nonprofit organization that was started in honor of Colin Holst who drowned in a lifeguarded pool at the age of 4. We were very honored that Colin's family and Alissa would allow us to discuss Colin's story. They want to get the message out there that drowning is preventable and we hope that message is brought to light in this episode.

Water safety and drowning prevention is the most important topic we have discussed to date. We have become very passionate about doing what we can to bring awareness to the pool professional community. As pool professionals we all have a huge responsibility to keep the pools we take care of safe. We also have a responsibility to educate our customers on what they can do to create a safe and fun backyard experience. We discuss Colin's story, what Colin's hope is and how you can support it, the pool professionals' part in it all, and how you can better educate your team and customers on the topic. We request that you please listen to this episode all the way through as someone's life may depend on it.

You can find Colin's hope here:

Website: http://www.colinshope.org/

On Instagram: https://bit.ly/2JTHJEV

On Facebook: https://bit.ly/2V9KClU

On Twitter: https://bit.ly/2HMlWwQ

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3:02 Circus Class

7:00 Off Road Triathlons

9:03 Epic Waves

22:15 Motivation to be Better

27:22 Words of Wisdom from Parents

29:05 Books and Podcasts

35:45 Collins story

41:38 Gregs Story

56:30 Don’t act Crazy by the pool

59:53 What is Collins Hope

1:10:10 Water safety quiz

1:17:17 How Alissa got involved

1:24:40 Cleaning pools 

1:39:15 Kyles story about a pool fence

1:42:10 Making pools safer

1:46:55 Have contacts

2:03:05 how to reach Collins Hope

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