Episode 7: Bobe Water & Fire Features with Kris & Julie

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It was our pleasure to interview Bobe’ Owners Kris and Julie. We have seen their products in the field for years and also met them at trade shows in the past, but were very intrigued once we found out they were in AZ where we are. We even got to go visit their facility here in Phoenix and we were very impressed with their operation. We think everyone can learn a lot from their passion and drive. They are both great leaders in the industry

We dive into how Kris and Julie grew up and how they are running their business as a sibling duo which we obviously have in common. This is a great conversation for anyone who has a partner or is looking at going into business with a partner. 

We discuss how important team culture is and how Kris and Julie make it a priority to spend time with their team. We also get into some trade show conversation. 

Most importantly we get into what Bobe’ is, where the name came from, and what they do exactly.

Kris breaks down how many products that Bobe’ offers operate. He discusses how they fabricate and test every product. It is also very important to them to touch every piece that goes out the door. We also discuss their new ignition system which is an exciting new product line they have coming out soon.

We discuss balancing social media with every other aspect of running a business. We discuss our influencers and how we stay motivated. We get into the hustle and grind of how they built the business. Also their biggest failure, mission statement, and books they recommend. 

We finish the discussion with some cool charities they support and some of the samples they brought in to share with us.

This episode was very inspiring for us and we hope it will be for you guys as well!

You can find Bobe’ Water & Fire at: https://bobewaterandfire.com

On Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/bobewaterandfire/

And on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bobewaterandfire/

Recommended Books: 

The Second Decision by Randy Nelson: https://amzn.to/2HVG53Z

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero: https://amzn.to/2jC9RfP

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2:10 About Kris and Julie

16:32 Running a Business With a Sibling/Partner

30:40 True Manufacturing Business Challenges

34:03 Team Culture

37:02 Interview Strategies

39:29 Trade Shows

46:10 Kris’ Favorite Custom Product

49:10 What Bobe’ is Exactly

55:33 How Does The Idea Process Work

57:58 Copy Cat Discussion

1:04:30 Importance of Made in The USA

1:07:34 Importance of Touching Every Piece

1:09:10 Website Discussion

1:14:54 Balancing Social Media 

1:16:53 Gary Vee Inspiration 

1:30:20 How Bobe’ Gets Past Creative Block

1:34:25 New Auto Ignition System

1:36:10 Grass Edge Features

1:40:22 Mission Statement 

1:49:10 Testing Products Against Harsh Chemicals

1:51:30 Biggest Failure

1:59:40 How They Grew The Company 

2:04:30 Do You Remember Your Greatest Accomplishment

2:06:56 Favorite Articles

2:07:53 Where did the Name Come From

2:09:35 Recommended Books

2:11:25 Supported Charities

2:20:30 Bobe’ Plug

2:21:50 Sample Discussion

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