Episode 8: PoolRx with Fred Schweer

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In this episode we interview Fred Schweer from PoolRx. We have been friends with Fred for several years now. He has introduced us to this product that has changed our business. Fred has also been to our facility and trained our team several times on the product. We were very excited to have him on the podcast and to share our experience. 

We dive into Fred’s background a little bit, and how his work experience prepared him for his job today. Fred discusses how he got involved with PoolRx and how it was right up his alley. 

We discuss the PoolRx sales reps and this is how you can get all the information you need on the product. He also explains what Pool RX is exactly. Fred also jumps into the sizes they offer and how many gallons they support. We also discuss the “Purple Dust” and how to avoid it.

Not only can the PoolRx help with problem pools, it also can be used as a preventative and more importantly it is an insurance policy if your clients have an unexpected party. 

Tyler and Greg also discuss how they use the product in every pool they service. They get into their billing process and the process of how they make sure they all get installed. They also have a discussion with Fred on how he suggests we sell the product to our customers and what Pool RX has to offer to assist with the sales process.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

You can find PoolRx website at: http://poolrx.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pool_rx/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poolrxworldwide/

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18:48 How Fred Got involved With Pool RX

24:10 Did You Get Pushback From The Industry?

26:40 Just Hired Outside Sales

32:25 What is Pool RX Exactly?

35:36 Different Sizes

39:25 Benefits To Have Pool RX In Salt Pools

44:30 Helps With Problem Pools

48:25 Purple Dust Discussion

54:05 Sodium Bromide Discussion

58:27 Seeing Is Believing 

1:05:10 Will Adding Pool RX Cause Customers To Ask Me For A Discount?

1:08:43 Pitching It To Brothers Customers

1:15:42 How Brothers Bills Their Customers For Pool RX

1:28:10 Filter Strategy and Strategies

1:40:00 Pool RX Plug and How To Get It

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