Episode 2: Ed & The Swimming Pool Warehouse



We had the pleasure of interviewing Ed from The Swimming Pool Warehouse. As we discussed in the first episode, Tyler’s first and only job in the industry was at The Swimming Pool Warehouse. 

We will dive into how Ed took over as the owner of the Swimming Pool Warehouse and how Tyler worked for him. This was fun because we have a lot of laughs about our time together there. Also, we discuss how we had our first office inside one of the small rooms in Ed’s shop and how it was a big step for us and Brothers Pool Service. 

We dabble on many other topics such as our supports systems at home, crazy customer stories, green pools, and Ed’s favorite social platform Google. Greg shares some of great insight on social Instagram, Facebook, Google and Brand Awareness which you do not want to miss! 

We finish up with a discussion on mentors and how important they are to have in our lives. 

Swimming Pool Warehouse has some great things going on for our local listeners in AZ such as motor and pump repair and they will even work on your cleaners for you! This is great if you need help diagnosing any issue. You can contact them by going to swimpoolwarehouse.com or calling them at 480-483-6100.

This episode is brought to you by Jobber. Jobber is an amazing field service software. We don’t even know how we did things before having jobber! This tool really keeps us organized and on track every day. Some of our favorite parts about Jobber is the ability to send quotes, schedule service and repair bids and build a profile for each customer. 

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We hope you all enjoy! See you out there Pool Chasers!


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6:59 - Ed takes ownership of The Swimming Pool Warehouse

9:29 - We discuss the pool guru Kenny

13:01 - Tyler starts at The Swimming Pool Warehouse 

16:50 - Support available to Ed 

18:36 - No one wants to share knowledge

20:12 - Suzie took over accounting at The Swimming Pool Warehouse 

21:45 - Suport systems at home 

25:41 - Biggest marketing flops 

31:28 - Ed's challenges in the beginning 

35:28 - Relationships with team are very important 

40:08 - Brothers first office is at The Swimming Pool Warehouse 

45:07 - Systems in place to avoid waisting time 

49:27 - Leader qualities to process 

53:56 - Important to have the right people 

57:01 - Balancing life and busines

1:08:47 - Crazy customer stories

1:10:54 - Green to clean

1:15:26 - Favorite social platform

1:21:03 - Greg talks social media and brand awareness

1:24:44 - Mentor discussion

1:31:56 The Swimming Pool Warehouse Plug  

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