Episode 1: How We Started Brothers Pool Service




It has been a few months in the making, but Here It Is! In this episode Greg and Tyler discuss, well Greg and Tyler. We are so excited to share part of our story with you guys! 

We discuss some our favorite memories together around the pool. Isn’t it crazy that we never thought about pools as a business? As a kid all you see is the water and want to jump in! We see it from a whole different perspective now as we are sure many of you do. 

We then discuss how Tyler got passed up for a promotion and then how he had the crazy idea of starting Brothers Pool Service. It was hard work, but the grind was worth it. Also, how Tyler learned the business with help from The Swimming Pool Warehouse. 

After that we get into this crazy story about how we had the verbal agreement to become partners only to have Greg take a promotion in San Diego and derailing the idea temporarily. 

He realized after being there for one day he knew he was supposed to be in Arizona with Tyler.

We get into the Brothers Pool Service beginnings and how we built it to what it is today. 

We touch on business strategies, ethics, and how a new account has to be a good fit for both the business and the home owner. We also dabble on social media and discuss how we used Yelp and Google Reviews, Instagram, and Facebook to grow our business. 

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We hope you all enjoy! See you out there Pool Chasers!


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9:30 Fondest pool memories.

13:35 Learn new things everyday.

15:20 Tyler passed up for promotion.

17:15 The idea for Brothers was sparked.

21:03 Tyler starts at The Swimming Pool Warehouse

25:00 Started to get difficult balancing everything with the hot weather.

30:30 First conversation between us being partners.

32:30 Service pools after monsoons.

36:09 Greg’s Story Starts.

36:48 Logo Discussion.

38:29 Greg moves to San Diego.

44:31 Greg job at Harley Davidson.

48:50 Headphones in the backyard.

50:42 Greg social media manager.

54:36 Customers a right fit for our company.

56:26 Office at The Swimming Pool Warehouse.

1:00:34 Patience on social media paid off.

1:03:55 If your going to market you have to be part of that world.

1:07:18 Owners have to stay involved.

1:08:05 Working together full time.

1:09:40 Difficult talking to other companies.

1:12:30 Only take on pools that are a good fit for us and the customer.

1:16:35 Brothers retreats.

1:19:02 Turning down repairs

1:21:02 Mark from SCP.

1:24:27 Using Yelp & Google organically.

1:25:29 Instagram origins.

1:26:48 Instagram now.

1:28:15 Outgrew office and move to warehouse.

1:35:19 Need fulltime repair guy.

1:39:00 Shoutout to Brothers team.

1:41:41 Need communication from customer.  

Pool Chasers