Episode 28: Doc Dean's Pools with James Burns

Doc Dean's Pools Episode 28

In this episode we interview James Burns of Doc Dean's Pools. We love how aggressive they are being with the social media world as we have been all about that from the very beginning.  Doc Dean's Pools is doing a lot of great work out in Florida and we are excited that they are so passionate about helping their customers by providing an excellent service experience.

They were featured in Pool Pro Magazine and we discuss their experience as well as get into all kinds of social media discussions and how it can help your business. There is a lot of good content in this episode and we hope you guys enjoy it.

You can find Doc Deans Pools at:


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And you can read their Pool Pro Article at:


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See you out there Pool Chasers!


2:10 Family History

9:40 Temperature/Weather

11:40 Parents Jobs

13:45 How he became Doc Dean's Pools

14:30 Why Leave England

18:05 Submerged in Pool Business

23:30 College

26:00 Full Time Pools

35:30 Pool Pro Magazine

41:20 A Day in the Life

49:10 Most Difficult Pool

56:00 What Your Time is Worth

106:55 How to Seal the Deal

115:00 Social Media

128:00 Work Vs. Marketing Balance

132:00.15 Tech Talk

152:00 Winners Always Close


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