Episode 27: 40 Years of Evolution Through the Eyes of Greg Garrett

Episode 27 - Greg Garrett

In this episode we interview Greg Garrett. Greg is an expert in Water Chemistry and Pool Surfaces. Greg is the current owner of Applied Material Technologies and the former Technical Services Director of the National Plasterers Council. We have heard Greg’s name bounce around for years, but were so stoked when we finally got the chance to meet him, attend one of his classes, and eventually have him come to the studio! 

He and his partner Bob Lowry have now started a new educational program called The Pool Chemistry Training Institute. They saw a need in the residential world and are doing their best to fill it. We are so excited for its future. 

We learned so much on this episode and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. 

Here are some industry books that Greg recommends.

This episode is brought to you by Jobber. Jobber is an amazing field service software. We don’t even know how we did things before having jobber! This tool really keeps us organized and on track every day. Some of our favorite parts about Jobber is the ability to send quotes, schedule service and repair bids and build a profile for each customer. 

See you out there Pool Chasers!

2:00 Introduction

14:55 Growing Up

25:00 Most difficult Part of Industry

30:40 Changes in the Industry

44:00 Learning About New Things

47:06 Helping Without Question

55:45 Best Place to Look For Answers

1:09:50 Carbonate Alkalinity

1:22:00 Credibility

1:36:45 Borates

1:45:07 Education Is Important

1:46:30 Evolution of Surfaces

1:54:00 Startup Mistakes

2:06:10 Calcium Nodules

2:09:35 Finding Time to Take A Class

2:13:35 Its All About Helping

2:26:40 Greg's Class

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