Episode 49: Paving The Way For Those That Desire To Perform At The Highest Level With Brian Van Bower The Co-Founder Of Genesis

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Today’s Guest

Brian Van Bower


CEO of Aquatic Consultants Inc,




3:33 Getting to Know Brian

12:03 Starting Genesis

19:57 Learning as well as Teaching

21:35 Finding your Tribe

27:10 Growth in Swimming Education

29:08 Pools That are Safe but Aesthetically Pleasing

42:28 Favorite Genesis Classes

50:35 Attending Pool shows in Other Countries

1:01:18 The Impact Genesis has had on the Industry

1:10:32 What's next for Brian


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In this episode we interview Genesis Ambassador and Co-Founder Brian Van Bower. Brian is also an SWD Master, CEO of Aquatic Consultants Inc, and the President of BVB Consulting LLC. We were very honored to sit down with Brian to discuss his journey through the industry. Brian shares with us his story of how he went from beach boy at a motel in Miami, to SWD Master and Co-Founder of Genesis, to living “the good Life” as he calls it. In 1989 Brian decided to do what most people were not doing and that was charging for designs. He was instrumental in that movement, and along with Skip Phillips and David Tisherman founded a program in Genesis that would change the industry forever.  

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