Episode 41: Journey From Pool Maintenance to SWD Master Builder with David Penton of Fluid Dynamics

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In this episode we interview David Penton. David is the CEO of Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa in Fullerton, California. Fluid Dynamics is a certified SWD Master within the Society of Watershape Designers which requires the completion of 150 hours of education within Genesis University. We have always admired David’s work and were very excited to finally sit down with him after a year of planning.

David started out in the pool maintenance world working for a company to learn the trade. He transitioned into running his own service business which he ran for many years. He got  into building with 2 rather large projects and fell in love with the process. David has since completed the Genesis program to become an SWD Master. He has collaborated with other Masters to complete many incredible high profile pools.

David is also a huge believer in mentorship and sharing knowledge to raise the bar throughout the industry. We hope you are inspired to do the same after listening to the episode.


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1:46 Getting to know David

11:21 Work Life Balance

17:48 The Pool Guy Mentality

21:38 Mentors

33:02 Getting in the Industry

48:44 Moving from Service to Building

57:35 Starting Fluid Dynamics

1:00:42 What is SWD Master

1:13:34 Favorite Part of the building Process

1:21:25 Collaborating with Other Builders

1:32:00 Advantage from Coming from the Service Side

1:45:01 Technology Being installed

1:51:07 Favorite Project to Date

1:57:50 Ask the Masters

2:07:13 Where to Find David on Social Media

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