in iTunes by Ryyyyaaaaaannnnnnnr from USA on October 23, 2018

Really like what you guys are doing here! Very informative content for the pool guys. I’ve listened to a few of the episodes and they are packed full of great stories, humor and information that any pool guy out there servicing pools will relate to and appreciate. Whether you run your own service and repair business like myself or are part of a pool service team, you’ll benefit and enjoy listening to these guys as they share their own experiences and interview vets in the pool industry. Thanks guys! Keep it going! Ryan Aqua Bay Pools Northern California East Bay Area
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in iTunes by FishTankJedi from USA on September 28, 2018

Been listening since the start and it’s been great! Hearing the experiences of others in the industry and Tyler and Greg’s own experiences has been very helpful. Especially with the recent episodes on the Taylor Kits and the breakdown of all the different tests we do, that has been an awesome refresher and great learning tool!
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Best pool podcast around

in iTunes by coreynick27 from USA on September 27, 2018

Just recently got turned on to pod casts. Now I can’t get enough. Been in the pool business for close to 30 years and I’m still learning things from you and your guests. Just what the industry needs. Keep them coming
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Awesome Podcast!

in iTunes by John Esparza from USA on September 19, 2018

This is definitely becoming one of my favorite podcasts. I’m very new to the pool industry and still have a lot to learn but I feel listening to this has really helped me. I incorporated a few things that I've learned here and the results have been great! Also, I really appreciate the quality of the podcast. Some podcast aren't edited well or the sound quality is terrible. You guys are very clear and professional. Thank you for what you do. Keep it up!
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in iTunes by Guardian0522 from USA on September 14, 2018

It’s great to see a local pool company having there own podcast. I’m a local swimming pool repair business here in Phoenix myself. Looking forward to hearing more.
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For every pool professional

in iTunes by Divine Pool Care from USA on September 10, 2018

As a new pool service company I can appreciate the honesty and the integrity Pool Chasers exemplifies. Thank you for quality content and approaching this industry from all perspectives. I know seasoned and new professionals alike can take something from this podcast and also contribute to this platform, making this a unique and amazing community, one I’m proud to be a part of. Thank you for making this vision a reality.
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Must Listen!

in iTunes by BluTex Pools from USA on August 29, 2018

I gain value from every episode. As an owner of a small pool service and repair business this podcast allows me to work on my business while being out in the field working in my business. Big thanks goes to Tyler and Gregg for creating this community and platform to pass around knowledge!
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Cleaning pools one podcast at a time...

in iTunes by BMF250 from USA on August 14, 2018

A great podcast for anyone working in the swimming pool industry! Tyler and Greg made me realize that we are all part of the swimming pool community. They share their stories, vast knowledge and experience building Brother pools so we can all make this industry better. Tons of knowledge and great guests that have really changed the way I do business and view our community. Thanks guys, keep it up! R&R Pools San Dimas CA.
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Great Content

in iTunes by CopperStateOutdoors from USA on June 26, 2018

I got turned on to the podcast when I saw a local builder whom I have a lot of respect for was featured on the podcast. I just wanted to hear what he had to say and that’s it. I had no expectation of actually enjoying the way in which the information was presented. I am not an avid podcast subscriber and must say that this podcast has made me want to listen to others and maybe even try an audiobook. I think what Tyler and Greg are doing is great for our industry. I feel if more people were willing to lend some of their knowledge to others, we as a community of pool professionals would be better off for it. Keep doing what you guys are doing and keep striving to make our industry better every day.
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Great duo

in iTunes by Artisan Elements from USA on May 30, 2018

Thank you to Tyler and Greg for bringing value and knowledge to our industry. Keep it up guys.
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A must listen for EVERYONE in the pool industry!

in iTunes by BestAzPoolGuy from USA on May 8, 2018

I started listening to this podcast a couple of weeks ago, and have listened to and enjoyed every episode. I have 15 yrs in the industry and have gone to hundreds of trainings and workshops, I am still learning everyday. I have been able to learn something from every episode to help me improve has a builder, business owner, entrepreneur, father, and husband. Thanks guys for doing this podcast to help elevate and educate the industry. Jason with Freedom Pools @freedompoolsaz
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Great and informative!!

in iTunes by Bmfatu from USA on April 27, 2018

As a young pool professional it's good to hear the opportunity I see for me as they do for them selves. With less than 2 years owning my own company I like to immerse myself in the indusrty as much as possible.
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A tremendous help!

in iTunes by PreauxClean from USA on April 16, 2018

As a rookie in the world of pool cleaning, this podcast has been a lifesaver. Greg and Tyler are fantastic in the way they put this together. It’s very entertaining while at the same time extremely beneficial. Thanks guys for all the hard work with the podcast and Instagram! Keep it up!!
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Industry Changing

in iTunes by Rick @pearlpoolservice from USA on April 15, 2018

Information is power. This podcast has a real chance to change the industry, especially the culture. As the guys on Pool Chasers have talked about a few times already, there is no formal pool service industry training. Those with questions are embarrassed to ask questions, and those with the experience are not always willing to share. There are plenty of pools out there for everyone, and if we share knowledge and experience, we can raise the standards of the industry together. Pool Chasers podcast is a must listen for service companies and those with a love for the pool industry.
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Informative, relatable, and enjoyable!

in iTunes by Barrier Island Pool Service from USA on April 14, 2018

This podcast is what the industry needs. It's a resource for pool industry guys by pool industry guys. I learn or relearn something new each episode and love that you have interviews with guys like Mark at SCP and Mike at X-pools (some of the best episodes so far). Keep it up guys!
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Great Podcast!

in iTunes by Coker760 from USA on April 14, 2018

I really enjoy listening to this podcast when im driving around cleaning pools! My 11 year old tells me to put the show on when shes with me to so its kid friendly and not boring! Great information on there to help us grow along with some funny stories. Already subscribed and can wait to hear more! Low Buck Pools
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Awesome podcast! (_Lvpoolman)

in iTunes by Teznight from USA on April 14, 2018

This podcast is a must listen for any pool professional. As a professional myself this podcast is a must listen for me. I want to thank the creators greg and tyler for all their hard work bringing this podcast to life.
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Exciting times!!

in iTunes by Healthnutmike from USA on April 14, 2018

As an independent pool guy in AZ I am so happy to have found Poolchasers Podcast. It’s the best and really geared towards us and our industry. Following on instagram and listening to podcast pulls things together nicely. Thanks Tyler & Greg. I appreciate what you guys are doing for our industry. 18 years in the business for me. Love this industry!!
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Every pool guys dream.

in iTunes by Timber911 from USA on April 13, 2018

Great podcast guys. So much info and I laugh because I can totally relate. Mad props for building up your biz and making it successful. Keep smashing out pools and podcasts !
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Best Pool Podcast out!!!

in iTunes by Safari Pools Nola from USA on April 13, 2018

Great podcast for those learning the pool industry, have been in the business for a while, or are thinking about getting involved. These guys have built a very successful business from scratch and give you insight on how to help yours grow and thrive. Highly recommend!
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Great podcast! So important for this industry

in iTunes by Biggie bunkle from USA on April 13, 2018

Really enjoying the poolchasers podcast! Greg & Tyler @ Brothers are 2 guys that really get it. Helping the industry become more open to helping each other and learning from each others experiences. Any pool business owner could benefit from listening. Thx you guys!!!🏼🏼🏼
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in iTunes by DjHomeGrown from USA on April 13, 2018

Awesome podcast! Very informative. I enjoy listening throughout my day to day routine of chasin pools myself.
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Love the community

in iTunes by Santeeguy from USA on March 20, 2018

I got one of your handouts at the western pool and spa show this past weekend. I listened to all your shows today while I did my route today and LOVED it! Keep up the amazing work!
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Pool man from CT

in iTunes by PGSequel from USA on March 7, 2018

I’m enjoying the episodes. It’s nice to hear from people on the other side of the country that have the same ideas, struggles and successes. Looking forward to many more episodes. I married into a family who has owned a pool business for over 30 years and I have now been industry for over 15 years my self. Best of luck Tyler and Greg, keep up the good work.
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in iTunes by Nazirite_Burning from USA on February 21, 2018

Yes!!! Stoked about this podcast!! Can’t wait to hear more content! (This is your boi Sparkle Pool Cleaning btw🏽). Another GREAT podcast that the pool professional can listen to while out in the field...!🤙🏽
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in iTunes by markruvalcaba from USA on February 17, 2018

You guys are doing great! Excited to see what’s to come from you guys in this podcast! Really cool that you started this for the pool industry!
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in iTunes by sonof7hor from USA on February 16, 2018

Thanks guys, the information and perspective is true and unfiltered. Thank you it is great information thanks use as help or comparisons.
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Fun podcast :)

in iTunes by Francis Clampatso from Canada on February 16, 2018

Interesting to hear them share their journey and some great advice!
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in iTunes by Premier Pool Care from USA on February 15, 2018

Glad to see some new things being brought to the pool business. Really appreciate Greg and Tyler for doing this for the community.
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Finally a podcast for the Pool Industry!

in iTunes by Crowley Pool Service from USA on February 15, 2018

Pool chasers have done an awesome job to bring a podcast for the pool industry. For anyone in the pool industry especially business owners this a must listen to podcast. Great job guys can't wait for the next episode!
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